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Live Performance Packages and Samples

GET REEL Photography Videography by Debrah Crawford offers video production services for school concerts Tampa.  School plays, orchestra performances, live concerts and shows, we’ve filmed it all.  From filming bands to our local school holiday shows, there’s no performance we’re not able to capture for you. We want you to sit back, relax and enjoy the show, while we do all the work. And, let’s not forget, there’s nothing more annoying than having your view blocked by the person sat in front of you holding up their video camera to capture their child while blocking your view of yours!  Many schools and organizations have upcoming spring concerts as well as summer performing arts camps and we can provide professional video production services!  We are not limited to school concerts in Tampa, we shoot many schools in Pinellas County and other surrounding counties.  Our videographers are professional and are highly skilled at getting the best video and audio so you can enjoy close up shots of your child!  GET REEL has been working since 2004 in Los Angeles working with many local schools and organizations and, both the schools and parents always look forward to receiving their DVD each year!  Now we are bi-coastal and serving school concerts in Tampa!  Be sure to call us at (727) 859-7353 or visit our website at  We can answer all of your questions and customize a package that will work best for your school!  We are booking many schools for upcoming spring concerts and summer camps.  We don’t want you to miss out on our services!  We look forward to hearing from you!

Take a look at our sample live performance videos below to see the high quality of the program you’ll receive. We know we’ll excede all your expectations.

Event Photography Tampa – Taste of Safety Harbor Event January 21, 2013

GET REEL Photography Videography with Debrah Crawford participated in The Taste of Safety Harbor January 21, 2013.  We had a booth featuring our latest event photography in Tampa and it was a huge success!  Our display included portraits of weddings, parties, local business and as well as a video montage of events and commercials in the local Tampa area.  The evening was a delight and we were so excited to meet with our local vendors such as Besa Grill, Coldstone Creamery (yum yum!), and the town hang out, Nolan’s Pub!  What fun we had not only working our booth but sampling delicious foods and drinks from some of our favorite restaurants!  We were able to capture this event with our photography that will be seen in Tampa and surrounding areas.  The night was filled with performances by the belly dancers of MetalGypsy Productions, wow!  what a performance with their beautiful colorful elaborate costumes and amazing dance moves!  The local Countryside High School theater performers walked around in their costumes promoting their upcoming musical, Seussical which was also a delight to work with!  Event photography Tampa is one of our favorite types of work to do!  GET REEL also produced the commercial for this event which was featured on Brighthouse Networks for 2 weeks!  The turnout for The Taste of Safety Harbor was big and many of the vendors including GET REEL were happy with the number of people interested in being returning customers at their business.  It’s fun growing our business in Safety Harbor and helping other business owners do the same!  And, we enjoy building lasting relationships along the way!  Safety Harbor is an amazing little community on the water and at the water’s edge, along the bayshore, you can see the city of Tampa.  Many people refer Safety Harbor to “Mayberry on the Water!”  For more photos of this event, visit and like us on facebook!Taste 1

Wedding Videography Tampa Florida – Anthony & Janee 12/15/12

GET REEL Photography Videography by Debrah Crawford congratulates Anthony and Janee!  Anthony and Janee’s Wedding was a joy to videotape!  This young couple stole the show by performing a dance with their bridal party.  View the video on our youtube channel.  Their reception was at the Hollywood Venue in Tampa.  Janee was one of the most calm brides I have worked for!  The Ceremony was beautiful and quaint overlooking the water.  We do Wedding videography Tampa Florida and surrounding areas and yes, we travel too!  Our videographers are seasoned professionals that share the same vision as GET REEL’S owner Debrah Crawford has had since 2004.  Wedding videography Tampa Florida is an important part of any special event!  Many people have regretted after their wedding or event that they didn’t hire a professional videography company.  They had a friend or family member shoot the video with a consumer camera and that person really didn’t capture the footage properly as they didn’t know how to use the camera.  For one of the most important moments of your life, it is crucial to hire professionals that will not only shoot a quality video, but will put a lot of creativity in the shooting and editing for a DVD that will be cherished for years to come.  GET REEL has competitive prices and works with every client’s budget to customize a package that suits their needs.  We are excited for the new year, 2013 as we are booking quickly upcoming weddings and other special events.  Wedding videography Tampa Florida is not limited to just Tampa!  We shoot at many venues up and down the gulf coast beaches as well as all over the state!  Our small company provides excellent customer service that is personalized to fit your upcoming wedding or event.  Visit or call (727) 859-7353 for an appointment!

Commercial Video Productions Tampa present The Taste of Safety Harbor Commercial airing January 2, 2013 on Brighthouse Networks!

Tampa Photographer and Videographer Debrah Crawford and GET REEL Photography Videography is kicking off the New Year showcasing commercial video productions in Tampa for the Taste of Safety Harbor Festival that will take place January 21, 2013!  The Safety Harbor Chamber of Commerce hired GET REEL to produce this commercial and it is ready to be aired on Brighthouse Networks January 2, 2013.  It’s amazing how much work and hours are put into making a 30 second commercial!  As part of our commercial video productions we had the pleasure of working with Chris DeFrew, a musician and voiceover.  He composed the music and did a fantastic job with his voice!  We look forward to working with him on many more commercials!  Since this is the first year that GET REEL produced the Taste of Safety Harbor commercial, we had to use quite a bit of stock footage and footage from local restaurants and performances as the festival will have a large variety of activities.  During the festival we will be shooting video and stills to use for the next year’s Taste!  Commercial video productions in Tampa for us means being able to focus on our clients needs, and customize a commercial that is interesting, enticing, and will draw customers to their place of business.  GET REEL’S mission is to make commercials that will exude taste and class, not something cheesy which we see all too often in TV commercials.  It’s great working with Brighthouse Networks as they made our job easier by giving us the right specs and requirements which made things go very smoothly.  We look forward to working with many other local businesses producing commercial video productions in the Tampa and surrounding areas.  GET REEL’S team of videographers and photographers wish you a Happy New Year!  Call (727) 859-7353 for an appointment and/or quote

Kids Shows Tampa – Videography

GET REEL Photography Videography by Debrah Crawford is gearing up for the new Year of 2013!  Many Tampa schools and organizations have kids shows Tampa such as chorus, drama, and music performances and we are there to capture these precious moments!  We are not limited to shooting only in Tampa!  We go to any school or organization that is in the surrounding counties such as Pinellas and Pasco.  GET REEL offers videography for any venue and performance whether it is kids shows Tampa or adult!  We have an amazing crew of experienced videographers that are able to get close up, medium and wide shots either on stage indoor or outdoor.  We never miss a beat with correct lighting and audio to produce amazing videos either in HD or Standard Definition.  We shoot high quality professional videos of the performances and offer the DVD’S to be purchase by the parents if it is a kids show, or by adult members.  We have had huge success as the parents can put down their cameras, enjoy watching their children and get an amazing DVD that will be cherished for years to come!  Like any other special event, it is important to have professionals like GET REEL to capture those precious moments that are forever archived of your little ones!  Imagine 10 years from now wanting to watch the performance of your child at age 10 singing his heart out and looking at a video grandma shot which was shaky and far away!  GET REEL offers videography services at a price anyone can afford!  With technology today, it is critical to have a professional videotape kids shows Tampa.  Feel free to visit to view samples of our work, or call (727) 859-7353 and ask for Debrah Crawford.  She can answer any questions and discuss all the details of your next kids performance Tampa!


Commercial Videography Tampa – Featuring Pawfectly Balanced!

Commercial Videography Tampa!  Tampa Photographer and Videographer Debrah Crawford and GET REEL Photography Videography shot this video of Pawfectly Balanced with Mike Giusti.  Since GET REEL is a national commercial videography company, we traveled to Los Angeles to shoot this informercial for Mike Giusti’s company, Pawfectly Balanced.  We do commercial videography in Tampa and surrounding areas in Florida as well as other states.  GET REEL enjoys shooting infomercials and commercials such as Pawfectly Balanced to inform people on how to take care of their dogs and cats.  Mike demonstrates acupressure points to help maintain the health of your animal.  Mike has trained both his poodles in agility and it was a joy to shoot both the video and photos of these amazing dogs!  If your business is in need of commercial videography to get your product and/or services on the internet or TV, we are the company to hire to help you get your message out for the public to see!  We also can refer your business to marketing companies that can promote your commercials or infomercials that will not only air on TV, but can be seen by many on various social networks such as Facebook and Youtube.  Our production crew works diligently to shoot with perfect lighting and audio and prides ourselves on our creativity to make your video grab the attention of your target market audience.  GET REEL shoots commercials, infomercials for any type of business as well as portraits, head shots, events, corporate events and much more!  We have plugged into the community of dogs and cats as we are major animal lovers and are supporters of animal rescue organizations.  Stay tuned for more commercial videography in Tampa and surrounding areas as we visit with various organizations!  We love animals and love to photograph them too!  Visit our youtube channel to view this video at  Visit or call (727) 859-7353.

Event Photography

Get Reel Photography of Tampa shot pictures of Carwise Middle School’s musical, “Bye Bye Birdie” April 27, 2012.  Due to copyright laws, we were unable to videotape the production but were able to do the photography.  These kids were amazing in their performance as they have incredible talent!  It was such a pleasure to work with these kids and to capture what they worked so hard for in the past 3 months.  We are a full service Tampa event photography, videography company.  Performances, portraits, Bar Mitzvahs, Graduations, Quinceaneras, Parties, Weddings, Events.